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Membership dues for the Smoky Mountain Historical Society are only $10.00, $16.00 or $21.00 per year (depending on whether you choose the B&W or Color subscription or web only).  The membership year is from January to December. Dues paid before December are credited to the current year, with new members receiving all prior issues of the Journal published for that year. Starting with the fall 2018 issue issues are available for $16.00 per year with B&W Journals and our new Full-color version for $21.00 per year or our new Associate web-only membership ($10.00). All are listed in our store.
Please Select only one membership type. 
All membership plans include access to our Members Only portions of our website.
If you may join by mail or using our Web Store. Due to the cost associated with maintaining the store and associated transaction costs, membership subscriptions completed online for color and black ink Journals are $21 and $16. You may avoid this additional cost by mailing us a check.
If you have any membership concerns please contact Jim Everhart . You can  request Access to our non-supporting members portals by clicking on the blue webmaster link above. Please send him a message asking for site access.  He will send you your member name and login by email. Scroll down to bypass the request email to become a dues paid member. About 80% of our offering is hidden behing our paywall. We thank you for your understanding.
Benefits of joining as a supporting  member:
  • Your membership is tax deductible
  • Access to our In the Shadow of The Smokies Section covering the Cemeteries of the area.
  • Downloadable Searchable PDF copies of all known back issues (Goldmines of information) Content is being reviewed to add to our SMHS Genealogy Tree Database.
  • Access to members only Downloads
  • Access to the In The Shadows Of The Smokies members-only content
  • Access to our online database of  Genealogy information (over 1,300,000 names searchable and get by email a 5 generation genealogy report in a downloadable PDF from current content) This is an ongoing project. As a member, you can have us show your family as part of our tree. We actively take submissions and suggested edits. We have combined four personal databases of members' personal research donated to the Society by Larry Fox and Jim Everhart, John Beckwith (by his father Bob), and Randy Phillips. Others wishing to share please contact Jim Everhart AKA  Over the coming months, We will be correcting any duplicates and adding new found information as we can.
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If you prefer to pay by check you can choose either our new Color edition ( $21.00 ) (sample to view in our "Sample Journal" tab to your left) or the B&W Edition ( $16.00 ), or the Associate Web Only Edition ($10.00 ). Your annual membership dues are tax-deductible. Once you decide between the Color or B&W or Associate versions you may either purchase through our online store or by check by mail. All three give you Web Access to our Journals. Please send the information below with your check to:
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Membership Fee   o $16 Standard   o $21 Color Journal Subscription   o $10 Associate*
* Associate members have full website access & can read Journals online but no Journal will be mailed.
Please mail application with a check to SMHS PO Box 5078, Sevierville, TN 37864 or
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